Weddings in India have become tech-savvy in 2019. The rise of tech in this fragmented industry is truly welcomed by everyone. By using digital means, people have made the whole wedding planning process much easier. From websites, invitations to gift registry…digital methods have helped people a lot in planning a breath-taking wedding. Of these, one of the top trends is wedding video invitations.

Wedding Video Invitations

So, here a few things you can do to make your wedding video invitations a hit in 2019!

#1. Work on a Theme

Themes are big in 2019. So instead of putting a wedding video invite together helter-skelter, work on a wedding theme and make sure you stick to it. From your wedding video invites to your wedding website invites and even the decor can have the same theme.

#2. Make use of your pre-wedding shoot pictures

Who doesn’t have a pre-wedding shoot in 2019? So, instead of hiring someone to shoot a whole video or sticking to text-only video invites (ohh..the horror!)use your pre-wedding shoot and create a perfect video invite!

#3. Choose a font that’s visible clearly

The most common mistake that people make when it comes to wedding video invitations is to choose illegible fonts and focus on adding more elements to a slide. This is one of the most common mistakes. Despite everything, the text is the star of the show when it comes to wedding video invitations. So ensure that whatever information is there, is visible clearly.

#4. Opt for BGM’s rather than songs

Another common mistake that couples make is opting for songs instead of instrumentals in their wedding video invites. This just takes away the focus from the information and makes it harder for your guests to retain the information.

So, follow the above things and I’m sure your wedding video invitation will be a hit in 2019. Hope this helps. Happy wedding y’all!

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